50 Things to do

Boredom Banished

50 Things to do and counting...


here's nothing to do is simply never spoken at Sisters Cove. In fact there's so much to do that we thought we best assemble a list of things to do in our lakeside village, on Lake Norman and five minutes away in Mooresville.

1. Take the dogs for a paddle on the stand up paddle board.
2. Cruise the Farmer's Market for the perfect basil for pesto.
3. Experiment with unique s'more combinations at The Fire Pit.
4. Host a twilight martini party in the middle of the Cove.
5. Play a game of kayak tag with the neighborhood.
6. Step back in time on the Historic Mooresville Walking Tour.
7. Bounce the kids flying while tubing. 
8. Tee off a round of golf with your buddies at the Mooresville Golf Course.
9. Cheer on the kids during their Youth Soccer games.
10. Enjoy a morning swim through the cove.
11. Sit in on a reading at the Mooresville Public Library.
12. Float around the cove for happy hour with drinks and friends.
13. Take up sailing on the lake.   
14. Practice target shooting at The Range.
15. Sail a sunfish with your special sweetheart.
16. Add another migratory bird to your life list from the forest. 
17. Sleep under the stars on your deck.
18. Compare North Carolina merlots at a local winery.
19. Get air wake boarding Lake Norman.
20. Take a day trek through the Carolina Thread Trail. 
21. Pick up an artisan glaze for your ribeye steaks from Harris Teeter. 
22. Catch up with neighbors at the Dog Common–human and canine.
23. Pamper yourself with a Fusion Stone Massage at the Bella Lago Spa and Salon.
24. Outsmart a catfish from off your dock.
25. Jam to local music at the Outdoor Music Series.
26. Mountain bike the trails of Fisher Farm Park.
27. Taste the gourmet southern cuisine of Epic Chophouse. 
28. Honor seven-time-champion NASCAR Dale Earnhardt at JR Motorsports.
29. Try a summer ale at the Lake Norman Brewing Company.
30. Challenge your buddies to some hoops at the Benchwarmers Sports Complex.
31. Admire the giraffes from a horse-drawn carriage at the Lazy 5 Ranch.
32. Tantalize your taste buds at the Festival of Food Trucks. 
33. Pick your own blueberries at Carrigan Farms for a fresh pie. 
34. Spike an adrenaline rush at the nation’s largest indoor kart track–PIT Indoor Kart Track.
35. Teach the kids to one-legged water skiing.
36. Watch the sunset from your porch–again.
37. Race your brother-in-law across the cove and back again.
38. Take up watercolor painting on The Overlook Boardwalk.
39. Paddle your way to the finish line in a Dragonboat race.
40. Throw a strike at George Pappas’ Victory Lanes bowling alley.
41. Mix up your new margerita recipe with friends by the pool.  
42. Terrorize some teens with ghost stories around The Fire Pit.
43. Rev up your engine and race around the track at MTJ Motorsports.
44. Grill up some local, organic beef from the Farmers Market on your barbecue. 
45. Coach a T-Ball team. 
46. Join your neighbors for sunrise yoga on The Boardwalk.
47. Jam out on your guitar with the community every Saturday at Richard's Coffee Shop. 
48. Try out new wines at the North Main Fine Wines educational and fun wine tastings. 
49. Tend to your heirloom tomatoes in your vegetable garden. 
50. Show off your red 1970's Mustang at the Downtown Mooresville Cruise-in.

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