Life on the Cove

Shine On

Uncomplicated and unfussy, just perfected


ou don't have to be a boater to love living in Sisters Cove. There's something uplifting about lake light and its reflections that makes it a cheerful companion to your days. People are relaxed and happy. In fact, the people who make Sisters Cove home are a big part of its appeal. While they're accomplished, successful world travelers, they choose our unique lakeside village for its fine architecture, friendly ways and thoughtful simplicity.

In our village, you may find yourself boating over to friend's house for a cup of sugar–or a pizza stone. You'll meet CEOs, pastry chefs and mechanical engineers through each other's dogs at The Overlook Dog Common (guess who owns the Yorky) and on walks on the Boardwalk. You'll linger with a glass wine while children roast s'mores at the Fire Pit. We value this special place for its beauty and quiet and don't worry much about who has the biggest boat. Come see for yourself.

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