Overlook Park

Dog Smiles & Cherry Blossoms

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he thing is, dogs think that The Overlook is their neighborhood. Which, when you get down to it, might be right. First, there's the Dog Common–a soccer-field-sized dog park. It'll have a water fountain and seating for humans, too. Then there's the Walking Trail–a wide path that follows the water's edge to the Overlook community dock. On paper, the Walking Trail might look modest in length. But when your dog greets one neighbor dog after the next as you stroll, you may find it takes an hour just to get to the end. Which is a perfectly pleasant way to walk the dog and catch up with friends. 

There's talk about adding a few more features to The Overlook Park–for the humans. A waterfront yoga shed is being considered. A bocce court has deep support among our more competitive neighbors.  Our landscape architect is working on the planting design for park that runs beside The Walking Trail and welcomes ideas from garden lovers. Just imagine the reflections in the lake.  

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